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Welcome to the workshop Magician!  

Multi-faceted creativity and years of experience.

History of workshop:

A few words about how our workshop appeared.

Initially it started with production of furniture, the manufacture of which emphasis the last 20 years was put on individual projects. In the manufacture of furniture for bathrooms our workshop has worked with such brands as Vidima, Cola, Ideal Standard.

We needed to complete order from juniper in 2010. But in order to see the beauty of this wood, it was necessary to remove the bark while preserving a natural tree shape, and then polished. Moreover polish not only easily accessible plane, but the whole product 100 % done.

To sum up, the task has been performed, and we had to solve it with the irreproachable quality of processing. Especially given the fact that it was the gift to the person on ones birthday. And this suggests, what is your opinion about ourselves and what reputation we will have in the end.

After visiting a few specialty stores, it became clearly understood that the tooling, which is presented by brand name manufacturers, we will not be able to fulfil your order. And everything we need for processing, we will have to reinvent ourselves.

I declare that the products of our workshop have absolute quality piece of work, but not production. We can show our works any jury on any level.

Juniper, is a type of juniper, which we use for our products. And what can you compare the smell of this wood?

Trees such as sandalwood have their specific essential flavors. But juniper always rightfully will take its first place.

In addition, we also use boxwood, Indian rosewood, eucalyptus.

Specifics of eucalyptus lies in the fact that during the growth period of 12-15 years wood twist on 360 degrees.

In the slit of the wood itself has nothing to match pictures.

To perform our works all the wood we delivered themselves, so each piece is individually and has its own image.

Believe us, this is not a big word, this is long established fact. 

"Each of my creations is a good soul. As soon as I see the new material, I immediately understand what will come out of it, and what is not " And here you can see the products of the master"

                                                                                                                Master Vitalman quote 


Hand crafted gifts and souvenirs.

We offer You souvenirs products, kitchen utensils, furniture and sports equipment made in our workshop entirely by craftsmen of the finest wood (juniper, sandalwood, eucalyptus, Indian rosewood, boxwood, certain types of mahogany, elm, etc.), metal, artificial stone, plastic materials, etc.

Carry out any orders on request and the client project.

Creation of exclusive author's products includes a lot of subtleties and nuances: the development of idea, selection of materials, manufacturing tools and fixtures for each individual order, production and packing – all of it require attention and creativity. Our well-organized team of designers and craftsmen will be able to consider all the details and create a truly beautiful and harmonious work. A private workshop where innovative ideas come to life. We use materials, ordered only from reliable suppliers. Due to the ability to think creatively and to control precisely all stages of making souvenirs, we offer exclusive products and souvenirs of excellent quality that look stylish, beautiful and expensive. To put a final grade on the quality of products provided to clients.

Those who love and appreciate the rare and unusual things, we want to provide a collection of beds made on a boxwood base.

Writing sets made in a combined form. The base is made of boxwood, while the pen made of boxwood and mahogany. This must take into account both the color combination and how comfortable one is or the other one is in your hand and how comfortable it is to use. Shape, length, balancing itself are met without exception for all products.

There is a lot of information about the merits of boxwood, all of it freely available. What time it is used and where. What products of boxwood and what age are found during archaeological excavations.

We try on each piece has its own personality and be unique in its execution.

Well, it turned out we have it or not, up to you to decide.

We offer to your attention a series of stands for wine, each of it is individual and as you can see the extraordinary. All made from eucalyptus.

When timber drew attention to this feature of this tree. Tree branches have different color. It is very well seen in transverse sections and especially after polishing. Some branches have a pink core, some are vinous, there are different shades, and some do not have colors at all. While all have a common trunk. For a good example made a small series of writing sets. How they are different in color, clearly visible in the photo. And wood has the top-quality. Also, the series of writing accessories and beds made of juniper. No wax treatment we do not cover, only dry polishing to a mirror state. Yes, and juniper wood itself in any needs no comment.  

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